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Gallery Folders

My Little Disney: Crossovers Are Magic by FavoriteArtMan
Agent Coulson by Fluffomaru
Derpunzel by bunnimation
Luke Skytrotter by nicodiver
My Little Princesses
Les licornes royales amoureuses by DisneyMarvel96
The mane five as Disney Princesses by tdimlpfan234
MLP - Disney Princesses by angieangel555onutube
Prince Snow Spike and Princess Aurority by DisneyMarvel96
My Little Princes
Disney Princes by Qemma
Khan, Philippe and Pegasus as three Little Ponies by Arceus55
disney pony princes by monakaliza
My Little Disney by azureea
My Little Villains
Villainous Nightmares by WanderSong
King Candybug pony by BlazeMizu
Disney villains ponies by BlazeMizu
Disney Villains by Qemma
My Little Couples
BenJJedi's Sleeping Beauty Poster by BenJJedi
Not Gonna Happen..... by MegaAnimationFan
Pony Icebreaker  by DylanofDisney
Fluttercord meet Melody and Davy by Selinelle
My Little Disney Friends
MLP FIM-Our costumes are 20% way better! by Cartuneslover16
My Little Animated Shorts
Jolly Christmas Present Spirits by JazzyTyfighter
Snowgies (My Little Frozen) by Dulcechica19
My Little Frozen Fever 2 by NamyGaga
My Little Frozen Fever Wallpaper by Dulcechica19
My Little 101 Dalmations
6 Main ponies as Puppies by Dulcechica19
Anthro Friendship is Magic by 101dalfan
You challengin' me? by KHwhitelion
Meeting Fluttershy n Rainbowdash Rp Inspired Manip by FaPingMulan
My Little Aladdin
Shaladdin and Princess Jadence by DisneyMarvel96
Rarity as Jasmine in red by CloudyGlow
Request - Ride With Shaladdin by Helmie-D
Princess Vapor Jasmine by DisneyMarvel96
My Little Alice in Wonderland
Discord as the Mad Hatter by CloudyGlow
My Little Aristocats
Rarity and Opal by HinoteIchimaru
My Little Atlantis
Sunburst as Milo Thatch by CloudyGlow
My Little Bambi
[MLP vector] Fillyshy Ice Skating by YanPictures
My Little Beauty and the Beast
Celestia wearing the Beast's cape by DisneyMarvel96
My Little Bedtime Stories
My Little Big Hero 6
Big Pony 6 redraw by OinkTweetStudios
My Little BFG
The BFG (MLP) by 99999999000
My Little Bolt
Fluttershy meets bolt the dog wallpaper by Chaz1029
My Little Brave
Rainbow Dash as Merida by tdimlpfan234
My Little Brave Little Toaster
TBLT MLP-Lampy by BobcatAngel
My Little Bug's Life
Come On Wings by OinkTweetStudios
My Little Cars

Mature Content

My Little Chicken Little
MLP Chicken Little by MissSensitiveness48
My Little Cinderella
Cindershy (Version of PinkieTales) by SonicGril13
My Little Club Penguin
Ponies in the Hydro Hopper by MrDankEngine
My Little Coco
Never Underestimate The Power of Music by OinkTweetStudios
My Little Darkwing Duck
MLPFiM: Opposite Fluttershy by dsp2003
My Little Disney Jr.
Princess Sofia and Fluttershy by user15432
My Little Disney Channel Current
Lauren Taylor in My Little Pony form by ThunderFists1988
My Little Disney Channel OLDIES
2016 Advent Day 15 by bronybyexception
My Little Disney Logos
My Little Pony Disney Style logo by lamonttroop
My Little Disney Parks
Princess Pony Castles by DisneyMarvel96
My Little Disney Style Art
Disney MLP Crossover Series Cast by DisneyMarvel96
My Little Disney XD
Lord Dominator by Gamerpen
My Little Duck Tales
Fenton Crackshell's Mother as a Pony by Telasra
My Little Enchanted
Enchanted by Qemma
My Little Epic Mickey
Paint Drop by KisaKnight
My Little Fantasia and Fantasia 2000
The Sorcerer's A Princess 2 by Toonicorn
My Little Finding Nemo Dory
Disney Character - Twist by sirius-writer
My Little Fox and the Hound
MLP- the Fox and the Hound by simplysteffie
My Little Frankenweenie
My Little Frankenpony: Science is Magic! by no1wantsthisname
My Little Frozen
Capricorn Moon's Nightmare Night Costume by WynterStar93
My Little Gnomeo and Juliet
'I can do 11:45?' by MamaBunyip
My Little Good Dinosaur
Spot by MLPFIMLover97
My Little Gravity Falls
(Redraw) Nightmare Night in GF version by RaissaSpina
My Little Great Mouse Detective
My Little Herbie
My Little Herbie by pinkplaidrobot
My Little Hercules
Wonderburst and Meglimmer by MegaAnimationFan
My Little HSM
High School Musical Ponies by Qemma
My Little Hocus Pocus
Pony Sarah Sanderson by unicornsmile
My Little Holes
I Can Fix That by PitterPaint
My Little Home on the Range
Alameda Slim by Qemma
My Little Hunchback of Notre Dame
Chrysalis Hellfire Part 3 by mr100dragon100
My Little The Incredibles
Disney Heroine - Marble Pie by sirius-writer
My Little Indiana Jones
Indiana Pony by NightMoon-Kiwi
My Little Inside Out
Maud's world by DarkCollaboration
My Little Into the Woods
Into the woods to grandmother's house by FountainStranger
My Little John Carter
My Little Jungle Book
Kaa and Strawberry Sunrise by SnakeyThingy
My Little Kim Possible
Shego by MLPFIMLover97
My Little Kingdom Hearts
Shared Knowledge Keyblade by JazzyTyfighter
My Little Kingdom Keepers
KK-Ponyfication by CT-Can-Draw
My Little Lady and the Tramp
A practice Date with awkward moments by Tadashi--kun
My Little Lilo n Stitch
Babs Seed as Lilo by CloudyGlow
My Little Lion King
The Lion King - Long live the king by AleuFreedom
My Little Lone Ranger
Make trade by xilenobody143
My Little Maleficent 2014
Maleficent (ponified) by Nightmare-Loon
My Little Marvel
Spiders and Magic - Pony Boy Toys by edCOM02
My Little Mary Poppins
Mary and Discord Poppins by merrittwilson
My Little Meet the Robinsons
MLP - Little Wonders, Lineart (First Draft) by MetroXLR
My Little Mighty Ducks
Derpy Aces by pennyfarthing1893
My Little Moana
Moana pony by BlazeMizu
My Little Monsters Inc. University
Disney Character - Maud Pie by sirius-writer
My Little Mulan
Disney Characters - Coriander, Joe, and Mr. Cake by sirius-writer
My Little Muppets
No More Questions! by gaybiez
My Little Narnia
The Chronicles of Narnia by Qemma
My Little National Treasure
Pony Benjamin Franklin Gates by unicornsmile
My Little New Groove
Bulk Biceps as Kronk by CloudyGlow
My Little Nightmare Before Christmas
Marble Pie as Sally by CloudyGlow
My Little Oliver and Company
Diamond Tiara as Jenny by CloudyGlow
My Little Once Upon a Time
Fantasy person as a  Poptropican (Rp in comments) by SuperGrape1
My Little Pete's Dragon
My Little Peter Pan and Tinkerbell
Princess Celestia as Queen Clarion by user15432
My Little Phineas and Ferb
Once Again I know What We Are Gonna Do Today! by 04StartyCornOnline88
My Little Pinocchio
Tender Taps as Pinocchio by CloudyGlow
My Little Pirates of the Caribbean
Angelica by Qemma
My Little Planes
Pegasi FAR: ''I'll fight to the end.'' by Aileen-Rose
My Little Pocahontas
Tree Hugger as Pocahontas by CloudyGlow
My Little Prince of Persia
Prince of Persia by brab777
My Little Princess and the Frog
Mlp Princess and The Frog Cast by unicornsmile
My Little Ratatouille
My Little Recess
My Little Rescuers
Halloween Ponies 2017: Bernard by 736berkshire
My Little Rescue Rangers
Behind You by malamol
My Little Robin Hood
Robin Hood Cast MLP Style by unicornsmile
My Little Rodger Rabbit
Roger Rabbit - Friendship Through The Ages by s233220
My Little Schoolhouse Rock
Principal Celestia as Mother Necessity by MonstrousPegasister
My Little Sleeping Beauty
Prince Fancy Phillip by DisneyMarvel96
My Little Snow White
Mirror Mirror... by EnderGurl22
My Little Song of the South
My Little Star Wars
The Pone Wars 3.12: You Don't Know Jack by ChrisTheS
My Little Sword in the Stone
Request: Sword in the Stone Friendship is Magic by WhiteFangKakashi300
My Little Tarzan
Octavia as Jane by CloudyGlow
My Little Toy Story and Buzz Lightyear
1 2 3 GO! by OinkTweetStudios
My Little Treasure Planet
Doctor Caballeron as John Silver by CloudyGlow
My Little TRON
TO USERS ^^ by kuren247
My Little Up
Disney Couple - Cranky and Matilda by sirius-writer
My Little WALL-E
Crossover AU: WALLShy Family by srbarker
My Little Winnie the Pooh
Tigger's bounce lesson by merrittwilson
My Little Wreck It Ralph
Reformed by BlazeMizu
My Little Zootopia
FlutterHopps by LiaAqila
My Little OC Stuff
Taking over Midinght[Redraw] by Imaplatypus

Group Info

A group for all My Little Pony + Disney crossovers!!* :D :D :D *The art in this group does not reflect the views or opinions of the founder
Founded 6 Years ago
Feb 8, 2012


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Art Creation

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Nevysnow Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Digital Artist
hi i have a folder idea that i just thought of so there are dolls based off of the Disney park rides and i just thought it be a good idea they are called  attractionistas
jppiper Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2017
thanks for letting me join the my little disney club
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p.s. dose anyone has merpony transformation?
comicfam Featured By Owner Aug 4, 2017
how was summer everyone?
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wtf is this
Wiiguy1606 Featured By Owner Edited May 18, 2017
Would it be alright if I use that "My Little Pony" logo in the style of Disney with the rainbow and blue background that represents this Group as part of a little banner project I'm planning, because if it's necessary, I should give proper credit to the original artist.
6dash9dash95 Featured By Owner May 30, 2017
I just replied to your note :)
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oh it was just a though  
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Could I have an example of what work would go into that folder?
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No My Little Moana folder??? 
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Yeah it's there?? I know I have way too many folders :( But just look carefully 
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Could you please add a my little elena of avalor folder please ?
6dash9dash95 Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2017
Until she has her own thing, she goes in the Disney Channel folder
unicornsmile Featured By Owner Jun 11, 2017  Professional Artist
SuperGrape1 Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Hey i'm a member of the group and for some reason it won't let me submit any artwork on here, can you fix that please?
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Could you please add a My Little Christmas Carol Folder? Since Disney kind of owns the new Christmas Carol Movie now? I'm talking about the new one with Scorge and the actual three ghosts, not the one with Micky and his friends.
SuperGrape1 Featured By Owner Edited Sep 1, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I requested a few of my things to be featured in the group, I could help you if you want! :).
MintGator Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2016  Student
I requested a few of my pictures to be featured in the "my little ratatouillie" folder. Did you guys get the request? 
6dash9dash95 Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2016
Yes, I'm going through them now :) I'm not on as much as I used to be, so the group isn't updated as often as it used to be :( But I still got this!! I'll never give up on this group :)
MintGator Featured By Owner Sep 1, 2016  Student
Thanks for that :) because this is probably my favrote group that I'm in.
6dash9dash95 Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2016
Awwww :3 thank you!! That means a lot to me :)
FavoriteArtMan Featured By Owner May 26, 2016
I have a couple things that I'd like to add to the My Little Frozen folder, if there is one:……
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